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"I believe in almost everything.
I believe in cure of cancer
I believe that stupidity can become smart
I believe in the poor to come rich…
Just if you believe in yourself all of this are possible to happen.
But… I don’t believe in love, because love conatins two people. You can’t win it by yourself, at the end if someones let go, everything will be gone! No matter how much you wll fight."

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"Why do I have to hope for love? When I know it will never happen."


A short part of my story from Chapter 4

It was breezy and beautiful, the sky was red and the sun was getting lost behind the never ending horizon. The sound of the waves crashing was simply fantastic.

She looked deeply into her eyes and then she held her hands. “Jenny, do you remember this place? This very spot?” She asked.

She kept quiet for some seconds, she looked at their hands and she was feeling Alex’s thump softly cares her palm. “I remember, I can’t never forget our first date. It was magical.” She said as she took a deep breath, while she was imagining.

Alex smiled, “I want to tell you something Jenny.”

"Tell me," She said.

"I love you, I’ve always had loved you." Alex said.

A single tear fell down from Jenny’s eyes as she closed them. “I love you too, so much,” She said as she tried to reach her lips to kiss her.

Alex moved back, “You have no idea how much I want to kiss you, but holding your hand is the only thing I can do.”

Jenny’s face turned into a one full of disapoitments.

"You still have Christy. I can’t be the person you’ll cheat with. It’s wrong Jenny. You have to make a decision, you can’t have both of us." Alex said.

"I’ve always chose you Alex…..

^.^ my dream woman

^.^ my dream woman

Damn regina ! :)

Damn regina ! :)


Alex + smiling at Piper

This is beautiful

This is beautiful

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I think I’m not feeling anything, but at the same time I’m feeling a lot!!

I think I’m not feeling anything, but at the same time I’m feeling a lot!!

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